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This meeting will be held in Tokyo, Japan, on September 21st-23rd, 2019 at Teikyo University, Itabashi Campus.


The Bioimaging Society was established in 1991 in Japan and is the scientific organization of the bioimaging field. The society contributes to the development of interdisciplinary research over broad fields such as medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, physical science, engineering etc. The research in connection with bioimaging technology such as "Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) imaging", "Super-resolution Microscopy" and "Cryo-Electron Microscopy", has won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, and bioimaging research has accomplished fast development in response to the benefits. At the present time, bioimaging is an important tool in innovative research in the natural sciences.


The society has held annual scientific meetings since the establishment and international symposia on bioimaging about every two years since 2006. This time, we have a joint meeting of the international symposium and the Annual Meeting of the Bioimaging Society in Tokyo. The main theme is “Leading to the Future with Bioimaging”. This joint meeting will focus on recent progress in bioimaging research from basic research to clinical applications. In this joint meeting, we would like to discuss the future of bioimaging technologies and their applications.


  Please join us for discussions of bioimaging research in Tokyo, Japan, and enjoy the Japanese culture and foods. We will do our very best to make you feel welcome to Tokyo and Teikyo University.




                  Ryo Suzuki, PhD.

                  Teikyo University

                  Chairman of

                  The 6th International Symposium on Bioimaging,

                  The 28th Annual Meeting of the Bioimaging Society.